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These reviews cover five of the best booster seats. Whether you decide to purchase one of these recommended models or a different car seat, use this information to help you choose.

Shoulder Booster Seat Belt Position

Correct Shoulder Belt Position

Lap Booster Seat Belt Position

Proper Lap Belt Position Across Thighs

Booster seats provide protection by positioning  your child so the car seat belt lies flat across the strongest part of their body. Boosters are available in both backless and high-back models. Some brands offer combination seats that can be used with a harness for smaller children. When looking for the best booster seat it is important to consider which style you want:

Backless Booster (BubbleBum & Evenflo Amp) – When a child is 40 pounds, they can use a backless booster car seat, with the car seat belt. Backless booster seats are intended for use in cars that have high seat backs or a headrest behind the booster seat.

High-back Booster (Recaro Vivo, Clek Oobr & Graco TurboBooster) – For cars that do not have a head rest behind the booster seat, a high-back booster includes a built-in head restraint to protect your child from whiplash. A child can begin using a high-back booster at 30 pounds. Some high-back booster seats will convert to a backless booster.

Combination Car Seat (See Best Toddler Seats) – You can use a combination booster seat as a forward-facing toddler car seat with a five-point harness. As your child grows, the same seat can be used without the harness as a booster with the car seat belts.

Convertible Car Seat (Diono RadianRXT & Evenflo Symphony DLX, see Best Convertible Car Seat Reviews) – A convertible child car seat may be all you need. It can be used as a rear-facing infant seat, then a forward facing toddler seat, then as a booster seat.

Useful Car Seat Life – Your child may need to use a booster seat to age 11. Many manufacturers indicate an expiration date of 6 years or less for car seats. So if you think you will save money by purchasing a combination or convertible car seat to use for 8 or more years, you may be taking a risk. The molded plastic and foam padding in car seats deteriorate over time. Stress cracks can develop and the plastic can become brittle after being subjected to extreme temperatures when left in your car. While it may look normal, an older car seat can break apart in a crash.

Check out the reviews for the following five best booster car seats.

recaro-vivo-icon clek-oobr-icon evenflo-amp-icon bubble-bum-icon graco-turbobooster-icon
Model Recaro Vivo Clek Oobr Evenflo Amp BubbleBum Graco TurboBooster
Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review
Price $$ $$$ $ $ $
Child Weight 30-100 lbs. 33-100 lbs. 40-100 lbs. 40-100 lbs. 30-100 lbs.
Child Height 37″-57″ 38″-57″ 40″-57″ 40″-57″ 38″-57″
Ease of Use(1) Not Yet Rated 5 stars 5 stars 4 stars 3 stars

(1) Overall Ease of Use ratings are from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Improvements may have been made to more recent models of the rated car seats.