Child Car Seat Reviews

Child Car Seat Reviews


These reviews will help guide you in selecting the best car seat for your child. From birth until your child is large enough to use a regular seat belt, you will want to provide the safety and comfort of a child car seat. Child car seatsĀ are available in four broad categories.

child car seat review - infantInfant Car Seats – Newborns and small babies fit best in an infant car seat. These seats come with inserts to support the smallest infants. This type of car seat is rear-facing and typically fit babies from 4 to 30 pounds. They have handles so the seat can be removed from the car and used as a baby carrier. Infant car seats can also be part of a travel system that includes a stroller. Most models include a sun canopy. Read reviews for five of the best infant car seats.
child car seat reviews - convertibleConvertible Car Seats – Your child will be able to use a convertible car seat longer. These seats can be converted from a rear-facing position for younger babies (up to 40 pounds) to a forward-facing position as your child grows (from about 20 to 70 pounds). Combination or 3-in-1 car seats, that also convert to a booster seat, are included in this category as well. Read the reviews for the best convertible car seats.
toddler car seat in carToddler Car Seats – Once your child outgrows an infant car seat, a forward-facing toddler car seat will provide protection up to about 80 pounds. The harness straps are adjustable to maintain a snug fit as your child grows taller. Some toddler car seats offer a combination booster seat configuration. Read the reviews for the best toddler car seats.
child car seat review - boosterBooster Car Seats – For children up to about 100 pounds, who have outgrown a front-facing car seat, a booster car seat places them in the proper position to use the car safety belts. Combination car seats can be converted to a booster seat, when your child exceeds the height or weight limits of the harness. Booster car seats are available in high-back and backless models. High-back booster seats are recommended for cars with a low seat back or head rest that does not support your child’s head. Some models also convert from high-back to backless. Read the reviews for the best booster car seats.

This site provides reviews for the most popular child car seats in each category.

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